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Insect visual neurons tuned to natural image statistics

26.11.2015 11:55, Age: 3 yrs

BA-Series amplifier for intracellular recording in bridge mode.

Hoverflies are known as excellent flyers even in cluttered surroundings. Dyakova et al. made intracellular recordings from motion-sensitive neurons in the hoverfly brain, using npi's BA-03X amplifier. When stimulated with images of natural sceneries and with specifically manipulated versions of these images the neurons responded best whenever the spatial frequency content of the image was close to natural. This finding once more shows that neurons are exquisitely adapted to their task. 

Dyakova et al. (2015) A higher order visual neuron tuned to the spatial amplitude spectra of natural scenes. Nat Commun (2015), DOI: 10.1038/ncomms9522