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npi electronic is part of the European Innovative Training Network (ITN) Eu-GliaPhD

13.01.2017 16:03, Age: 2 yrs

Ten established European neuroscientists joint forces with two industrial partners to form the innovative European Training Network EU-GliaPhD. The network is complemented by four associated partner organisations from the private sector contributing to training, dissemination, outreach and management.

The research of the EU-GliaPhD partners addresses mechanisms of cell-cell communication in the healthy and the diseased brain. The technical expertise covers mouse and human genetics, immunohistochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, advanced microscopy and electrophysiology in vivo and in situ, large neuronal ensemble recordings in freely moving animals, high throughput drug screening and development of novel research instrumentation.

15 fully-funded 3-year PhD positions are available, one position at npi electronic.


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