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Versatility of npi’s ELC amplifiers highlighted by more than 20 papers in first half of 2016

08.09.2016 10:41, Age: 3 yrs

ELC-03XS for wide range of recording methods.

Amplifiers of npi’s ELC series were used in more than 20 research studies published in first half of 2016 were used. This is revealed by journal data-base surveys, likely to be by far not exhaustive. The versatility of ELC amplifiers is underlined by the wide range of research areas, from which these studies originate. Just to mention two of these, ELC amps have been found useful in the investigation of spatial memory in rodents (see e.g. Ebbesen & Brecht 2016) as well as in the development of bio-hybrid semiconductor polymers (Juarez-Hernandez et al. 2016).

Selected references:

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