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Hans Reiner Polder passed away

03.01.2020 15:03, Age: 225 days

We sadly have to announce that Hans Reiner Polder, founder and general manager of npi electronic, passed away in late December 2019.

npi and the scientific community lost a brilliant inventor, an excellent CEO and a very good friend. He contributed with invention and improvements of many instruments to life science all over the world and brought npi electronic to one of the leading companies in the field.

Despite of this sad news npi electronic looks forward to continue its commitment to life science. The tradition of a family-run company will be carried on by Bernd Polder and the whole team of npi to support science with proven instrumentation, know-how and innovative developments.






Hans Reiner Polder also disseminated his knowledge to the life sciences in several articles and book chapters.


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