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Workshop "News in electrophysiology and optogenetics" at DPG meeting in Greifswald

13.01.2017 16:03

At the 96th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society in Greifswald npi electronic is co-organizing the workshop "News in electrophysiology and optogenetics". Here are the details: Workshop 02, Friday, 17...[more]

Versatility of npi’s ELC amplifiers highlighted by more than 20 papers in first half of 2016

08.09.2016 10:41

Amplifiers of npi’s ELC series were used in more than 20 research studies published in first half of 2016 were used. This is revealed by journal data-base surveys, likely to be by far not exhaustive. The versatility of ELC...[more]

BioPen - the new single cell perfusion system

08.12.2015 16:11

npi electronic is now distributor of the Fluicell BioPen, a microfluidic single cell perfusion system, which is suitable for use in culture and tissue. Its precise application is computer controllean and allows low compound. For...[more]

New distributorship for Germany and Austria (copy 1)

08.12.2015 16:11

npi electronic is now distributor of the Neurotar HomeCageTM, a flat air-lifted platform that fits under a conventional upright microscope. It allows two-photon microscopy, patch-clamp and optogenetics in head-fixed, awake...[more]

Insect visual neurons tuned to natural image statistics

26.11.2015 11:55

Hoverflies are known as excellent flyers even in cluttered surroundings. Dyakova et al. made intracellular recordings from motion-sensitive neurons in the hoverfly brain, using npi's BA-03X amplifier. When stimulated with images...[more]