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Insect visual neurons tuned to natural image statistics

26.11.2015 11:55

Hoverflies are known as excellent flyers even in cluttered surroundings. Dyakova et al. made intracellular recordings from motion-sensitive neurons in the hoverfly brain, using npi's BA-03X amplifier. When stimulated with images...[more]

SfN meeting 2015

02.09.2015 11:35

We would like to invite our customers and friends to visit npi electronic at booth #1463 at the 45th Annual Meeting of the SOCIETY for NEUROSCIENCE, 17-21 Octobre 2015, Chicago IL. The Symposium "New Techniques in Electro-...[more]

Diffusible photoswitchable glutamate analogue presented in new paper

02.09.2015 10:58

Laprell et al. synthesized a diffusible photoswitchable glutamate analogue, which can be used to mimic synaptic input by one- or two-photon activation. The functionality of their photoswitch was validated by local drug...[more]

New paper with juxtacellular recordings in freely moving rats

21.08.2015 11:36

Valero et. al used our ELC miniature headstages to label and record single CA1 pyramidal cells. Headstages were equipped with two colored LEDs for motion tracking with a video camera. Valero et al. (2015) Determinants of...[more]

Methodical paper about juxtacellular recordings in vivo

03.11.2014 11:33

Tang et. al describe the technical procedures for obtaining juxtacellular recordings from single neurons in freely moving, trained rats engaged in exploratory behavior, with the possibility to label the recorded neurons for...[more]