B-Series Tower

Low-cost extracellular Recording system

  • Combine for up to 8 channels
  • Instruments interconnected via system bus (power and signal lines)
  • Headstage switchable between recording and stimulation
  • Available with miniature headstages for freely moving animals
  • Battery powered stimulus isolator

Master/Slave configuration

One EXT-02 B in master configuration can power

  • Up to 3 more EXT-02 B in slave configuration
  • 1 AUD-08 B
  • 1 REL-08 B

Multiple channel recording system

  • The signals of up to 4 EXT-02 B (8 channels) are fed into the system bus
  • AUD-08 B audio monitor accesses all 8 EXT channels via system bus
  • REL-08 B measures all 8 electrode resistances via system bus bus


EXT-02B - 2 Channel Extracelluar Amplifier


TMR-01B - Versatile Timer


AUD-08B - Audio Monitor


REL-08B - Electrode Resistance Meter


ISO-01B - Basic Stimulus Isolator