ELC-01X - Amplifier for Extracellular Recording and Electroporation


  • Recording with patch, sharp, metal or carbon fiber electrodes
  • In vivo recordings with miniature headstages
  • Extracellular recordings with high gain
  • Headstages with additional extracellular channels
  • Juxtasomal filling of dyes or DNA
  • Single cell stimulation
  • Iontophoresis
  • Intracellular recording in CC (bridge) mode with patch or sharp electrodes
  • Telegraph lines for filters and gains
  • Compatible to all major data acquisition systems


Part no. Description
ELC-03XS Universal Amplifier
ELC-01X Amplifier for extracellular recording and electroporation
ELC-01MX Universal Amplifier, Module for EPMS System
ELC-MOD Cell Model Circuit for ELC System (passive)
ELC-SEAL Surplus for Seal Resistance Test
ELC-PRS Remote Switch for Penetration Unit
ELC-EH-SET Electrode Holder Set for ELC Amplifiers
ELC-EH Standard Micro-/Patch Electrode Holder
ELC-HS ELC Headstage
ELC-DIFF Surplus for Differential Headstage for ELC Amplifiers
ELC-SWI Surplus for switchable Headstage, x1/x100
ELC-MINI-C Standard Cable Extension for MINI-Headstage (max. 6m)
ELC-MINI-DIFF-X ELC MiniHeadstage with differential input, X additional inputs, with standard cable 2.5m, D=2.3mm, w/o housing,
ELC-MINI-H Housing for MINI-Headstage 15x12x09 mm, weight: 3g Housing for MINI Headstage
ELC-MINI-HL Housing for MINI-Headstage 21x12x09 mm, weight: 4g Housing for MINI Headstage
ELC-MINI-SC Special Cable for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, 2.5m
ELC-MINI-SCE Special Cable Extension for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, max. 6m
ELC-MINI-SE-X ELC MiniHeadstage single-ended, X additional inputs, standard cable 2.5m, D= 2.3mm, w/o housing
ELC-MINI-SW ELC MiniHeadstage single-ended, switchable x1/x100, standard cable 2.5m, D= 2.3mm, w/o housing

Technical Data

Input voltage range: ±12V
Operating voltage: ±15V
Enclosure: 23 x 70 x 26 mm, grounded
Headstage connector: 8-pole DIN connector
Electrode connector: BNC with driven shield
Ground connector: 2.4 mm connector
Reference electrode connector: SMB connector (optional)
Input resistance (CC): >1013Ω (internally adjustable)
Current range: ±120nA into 100 MΩ, other ranges possible

BIAS range: ±100pA, current adjustable with trim potentiometer
OFFSET range: ±100mV, ten-turn control
CAPACITY COMPENSATION range: 0 - 30pF, ten-turn control

0 - 100MΩ, adjustable with ten turn control

Sensitivity: 1 mV/MΩ, by application
of square current pulses ±1nA
Display: 3½ digits, XXX MΩ, activated by spring-loaded switch
Bandwidth and speed response:
Full power bandwidth (rise time (10% - 90%))
>30kHz (R = 0) EL
<10μs (R = 100 MΩ) EL
<5μs (R = 5 MΩ)

Output impedance: 50Ω
Max. voltage: ±12V
Current output: BNC connector, sensitivity V/nA
Current output sensitivity: Rotary switch, range: 0.1,1,10
Current display: 3½ digits, resolution 10pA
Potential output x1: BNC, sensitivity 1 mV/mV
Potential output: BNC, range 10, 100, 1000
Potential low-pass filter: 3-pole BESSEL filter
attenuation: -18 dB/octave, corner frequency: 2kHz
Potential high-pass filter: 1-pole filter
attenuation: -6 dB/octave, corner frequencies (Hz): 1, 10, 50, 100, 500

Input impedance analog: 100kΩ
Input range: ±12V
Input impedance digital (TTL): 10kΩ
Input range (TTL): 0-5V, LO: <0.8V, HI: >1V
Current stimulus input via BNC connector, sensitivity: 10 nA/V
Step gate input via BNC connector (TTL)
Gated stimulus with ten-turn control of holding current, resolution: 10pA, range: ±100nA or with ten-turn control of holding potential
in VC mode: resolution 1mV, range ±1V
in VCx10 mode: resolution 10mV, range ±10V
Polarity selectable by toggle switch
Voltage command input via BNC connector, sensitivity: /10mV

Display mV/MΩ: 3½  digits, XXXXmV or XXXMΩ
Display current: 3½ digits, XX.XXnA