EXT-T2 Amplifier for Recording with Two Tetrodes
Tetrode recordings (sampling rate: 10 kHz) of rat hippocampus and dorsal thalamus (adult rat under light anesthesia) Data kindly provided by Didier Pinault, Univ. Strasbourg

Our EXT amplifiers are designed for low noise recordings of extracellular electric signals.

Models include:

  • analog displays for potential
  • variable gain up to 10k
  • offset and capacity compensation
  • tunable highpass/lowpass filters

Most systems are equipped with a small headstage with high impedance differential inputs to suppress noise and other distortions.

There are also modular versions of the EXT available.

About EXT

In extracellular recording usually very small potentials in the µV range are measured. This requires high amplification and often also filtering.

npi’s range of extracellular amplifiers meet these requirements. They are available as desktop instruments, in a 19” rackmount cabinet or as module for the EPMS modular system. All npi extracellular amplifiers have high pass and low pass filter and gain up to 10000. They allow DC measurements and AC recordings in which offsets are cancelled automatically. Audio monitors and electrode resistance meters are available as well. The use of external power supplies and high quality electronics ensure low-noise recording of small signals.


EXT-02F - Dual/Single Channel Amplifier


EXT-02B - Low Cost Dual Channel Amplifier


EXT-T2 - Dual Tetrode Amplifier


EXT-16DX - 16Channel Extracellular Amplifier

Also available as module for the EPMS system!


npi offers a variety of modular Amplifiers for the EPMS system to enable customized signal processing configurations.