SEC series systems are versatile intracellular recording systems. SEC systems are the fastest and most accurate single-electrode current clamp and voltage clamp systems available.

There is also a modular version of the SEC available.

About SEC


SEC series systems are versatile intracellular recording systems. SEC systems are the fastest and most accurate single-electrode current - and voltage - clamp systems available.
These amplifiers are suitable for recordings with high resistance microelectrodes, for tight-seal perforated patch, or whole-cell recording techniques. They also allow intracellular recordings during in vivo voltammetry experiments. Currently, SEC amplifiers are used in vertebrate (rat, mouse, cat, fish etc.) and invertebrate (leech, crab, snail, insect etc.) neurons, muscle cells, other excitable tissue and plant cells.
A significant improvement over other time-sharing amplifiers is that the SEC systems fully compensate the recording microelectrode. This allows single electrode recordings with the same accuracy and speed of response as with the standard two electrode voltage clamp approach.

All systems include four (optionally eight) modes of operation, many automatic functions, protection circuits, versatile I/O signal conditioning units, and digitally controlled operation. All of these features make these amplifiers the ideal research instruments for all electrophysiological investigations using intracellular microelectrodes or suction electrodes (patch pipettes).

The SEC is also available as module for the EPMS-07 System.

All SEC amplifiers are available with LINEAR MODE for low-noise recording of small currents with patch pipettes. It also allows loose-patch or macro-patch recordings, and can be used to approach the cell and form a gigaseal in VC mode.

The linear mode includes now also a switch that enhances the current and voltage range ten times. Therefore, the amplifiers can also be used for juxta-cellular filling of cells with dyes or single cell transfection with DNA.

Existing SEC amplifiers can be upgraded to linear mode. Please contact npi electronic for details.


SEC-05X - High Quality Single Electrode Voltage Clamp and Current Clamp Amplifier


SEC-10LX - npi's High-End Amplifier for Single Electrode Voltage Clamping and Current Clamping!


  •   Improved filters
  •   Push button handling
  •   Gated stimulus application


Filters: two-pole BESSEL; optional: four-pole BESSEL in SEC-05X-BF always four-pole BESSEL
MODE OF OPERATION: selected by rotary switch; selection with TTL possible for VC and CC and/or CC and DHC, controls for VCcCC and DHC mode preinstalled VC, CC, Br and REL selected by pushbuttons; selection with TTL possible for all modes of operation; controls for VCcCC and DHC mode not preinstalled
PENETRATION MODES: Application of max. continuous DC current; overcompensation of capacity compensation controlled by a timer all of SEC-05X; additionally: Application of DC pulses with variable frequency and amplitude
Gated stimulus application not installed; can be upgraded with GIA-05X unit gated step size set by digital potentiometers (CC and VC)


Mode Selection Switch Rotary Switch Push Buttons
Filter for Potential and Current output (Lowpass ) Two-Pole BESSEL, 20 Hz ... 20 kHz, (opt. Four-Pole) Four-Pole BESSEL, 0.3 Hz ... 20 kHz
SEC-CW: System with built-in interface for CellWorks X X
SEC-DUAL: Two syncronized SEC X X
SEC-LIN: Linear mode X X
SEC-DHC: SEC systems with DHC mode (Dynamic Hybrid Clamp) X X


Cell Model for SEC

Passive or active Cell Model for SEC





EXT Headstage for SEC
Low Noise Headstage
Mini Headstage
Standard Headstage

Headstages for SEC:

  • EXT Headstage
  • Low Noise Headstage
  • Standard Headstage
  • Mini Headstage