• Four modes of operation by default

    • Bridge mode (BR)
    • Current Clamp mode (CC)
    • Voltage Clamp mode (VC)
    • Electrode resistance test mode (REL)

  • Three additional modes optional

    • Voltage Clamp controlled Current Clamp mode (VCcCC)
      Allows Current Clamp experiments at controlled resting potentials
    • Dynamic Hybrid Clamp mode (DHC)
      Allows precise measurement of conductances after action potentials
    • Linear (unswitched) mode (LIN), optional with series resistance compensation
      x1: Allows low-noise recordings of small currents, and approaching the cell and seal formation in VC mode
      x10: Provides 10 times more current in CC and 10 times more voltage in VC mode for non-invasive (juxtacellular) filling of cells

  • Complete compensation of electrode artifacts allowing high (>30 kHz) switching frequencies
  • No series resistance errors
  • Perfect for recording also from coupled cells with two synchronized SEC amplifers (SEC-DUAL)
  • Recordings with sharp microelectrodes or patch pipettes
  • True current clamp in switched and bridge mode
  • Fast switched voltage clamp with proportional-integral (PI) controller
  • Versatile and configurable penetration unit
  • BESSEL filters for current and voltage (16 corner frequencies)
  • Monitors for filters and current output sensitivity
  • Optional Gating Unit GIA-05X

Also available as module for the EPMS-07 System.


Filters: two-pole BESSEL; optional: four-pole BESSEL in SEC-05X-BF always four-pole BESSEL
MODE OF OPERATION: selected by rotary switch; selection with TTL possible for VC and CC and/or CC and DHC, controls for VCcCC and DHC mode preinstalled VC, CC, Br and REL selected by pushbuttons; selection with TTL possible for all modes of operation; controls for VCcCC and DHC mode not preinstalled
PENETRATION MODES: Application of max. continuous DC current; overcompensation of capacity compensation controlled by a timer all of SEC-05X; additionally: Application of DC pulses with variable frequency and amplitude
Gated stimulus application not installed; can be upgraded with GIA-05X unit gated step size set by digital potentiometers (CC and VC)


Part No. Description
SEC-H High Voltage Modification of SEC System (surplus)
SEC-DUAL-05 System for Double Cell Voltage Clamp Recordings (2x SEC-05X)
SEC-05X-BF SEC-05X-BF System
SEC-05X SEC 05X System
SEC-HS SEC-HS Standard Headstage
SEC-EXT SEC-EXT Headstage for extracellular recordings
SEC-HSD SEC-HSD Headstage with differential input
SEC-HSP SEC-HSP Low-noise Headstage
SEC-MINI-SE SEC-MINI Headstage standard cable 2,5m, D=2.3mm, 12x10mm w/ Housing
SEC-MINI-C Standard Cable Extension (max. 6m)
SEC-MINI-SC Special Cable for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, 2.5m
SEC-MINI-SCE Special Cable Extension for MINI-Headstage, high flexibility, 6-11 lines, max. 6m
SEC-SLOW VCcCC Modification of SEC System, Surplus
SEC-LIN SEC with Linear Mode, (CC/VC x1, CC/VC x10 modes), Surplus
SEC-LIN-RS SEC with Linear Mode, (CC/VC x1, CC/VC x10 modes) and Series Res. Comp., Surplus
SEC-DHC Dynamic Hybrid Clamp (DHC) Modification of SEC System, Surplus
SEC-GIA SEC Gating Unit for SEC-05
SEC-EH Standard Micro-/Patch Electrode Holder
SEC-EH-SET Electrode Holder Set for SEC Amplifiers
SEC-MODA Cell Model w/ Active Memb.Res.
SEC-MOD SEC Cell Model Circuit
SEC-MOD-D Dual SEC Cell Model Circuit
SEC-PRS Remote Control f. PENETRATION unit
SEC-CON SMB Cable for SEC Headstage

Technical Data

R : Electrode resistance test EL
BR: Bridge mode
CC: Current Clamp mode
VC: Voltage Clamp Mode
DHC: Dynamic Hybrid Clamp mode (option)
VCcCC: Voltage Clamp controlled
Current Clamp mode (option)
LIN: Linear mode (x1 and x10)
LIN: Linear mode with series resistance compensation
Mode selection:
rotary switch with six positions (SEC 05X)
four pushbuttons (SEC 10LX)
rotary switch with five positions (SEC 03)
Linear mode with switch

Standard headstage(SH), low-noise Headstages(HSP)
operation voltage: ±15 V
size: 100x40x25mm, HSP: 77x37x20mm
headstage enclosure connected to ground
electrode connector: gold plated SMB (SH)
BNC connector (HSP), both with driven shield
ground: 2.6 mm connector or headstage enclosure
13 input resistance: >10 Ohms
current range (continuous mode):
150 nA (SH); 15 nA into 100 MOhms (HSP)
CC control: Coarse control for cap. comp.
holding bar (SH): diameter 8 mm, length 10 cm
mounting plate (HSP headstage) 60x50 mm
EXT headstage: 1 mm connectors,
differential high impedance input, gain of ten
cap. comp. for the non-inverting input
high pass filter with six corner frequencies
(1; 3; 10; 30; 100; 300 Hz)

Full power bandwidth (Re=0): >100 kHz
rise time (10-90%, Re = 100 MOhms) <30 μs
rise time (10-90%, Re = 5 MOhms) <8 μs
Electrode artifact decay (switched modes
10 nA signal) <1 μs (Re = 5 MOhms)
<1.5 μs (Re = 100 MOhms)
cap. comp. tuned with no overshoot

10 mV/MOhm, obtained by application of square
current pulses ±1 nA, display XXX MOhm

Turns off current injection and cap. comp.
indicated by red/green LED,
disabled / off / reset switch
threshold set with linear control (0-1200 mV).
SEC-03: no oscillation shut-off

Overcompensation of cap. comp.,
timer controlled,with remote switch
connected via BNC connector.
Application of DC pulses, variable frequency and
amplitude, timer controlled, with remote switch
connected via BNC connector (SEC-10).
Application of max. continuous DC current, BUZZ,
with push button or remote switch connected via
BNC connector (SEC-05).
No cell penetration unit (SEC-03)
(modular penetration unit available)

Switching frequency: linear control
1.5 to >50 kHz; display: XX.XX kHz.
duty cycles: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
selected by toggle switch.
SEC-03: fixed 1/4 duty cycle

1/8 - 15 nA; 1/4 - 30 nA, 1/2 - 60 nA
(standard 15 V headstage)
1/8 - 1.5 nA; 1/4 - 3 nA, 1/2 - 6 nA
(low noise headstage)

Electrode potential: max. ±15 V,
output impedance 250 Ohms.
switching frequency: TTL (5 V),
output impedance 250 Ohms.

Sensitivity: 0.1...10 V/nA in 1-2-5 steps
with lowpass Bessel filter
output impedance 250 Ohms
sensitivity monitor: 1...7 V, 1V/switch position
output impedance 250 Ohms
current display: X.XX nA
SEC-03: fix 0.1V/nA

Sensitivity x10 mV, with lowpass Bessel filter
output impedance 250 Ohms
potential display: XXX mV

Pitch correlated with potential signal

SEC-05: two-pole (standard version) or
four-pole lowpass Bessel filters (SEC-05X-BF) with
16 corner frequencies, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
frequency monitor: -8...+7 V, 1 V/switch position
output impedance 250 Ohms.
SEC-10: four-pole lowpass Bessel filter with
16 corner frequencies, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
output impedance 250 Ohms.
SEC-03: unfiltered or 5 kHz, internally adjustable

Inputs: 1 nA/V, 0.1 nA/V with ON/OFF switches
SEC-03: 1 nA/V
input resistance >100 kOhms
hold: X.XX nA ten-turn digital control, -/0/+ switch
max. 10 nA.
Gated input (SEC-10 systems only): X.XX nA
with +/0/- switch, TTL input (HI >2.5 V, input
resistance 10 kOhm).
BRIDGE balance: XXX MOhms with
ten-turn digital control.
noise (BRIDGE MODE): 400μV pp / pA pp
with 100 MOhms resistance at 10 kHz bandwidth
(internal four-pole Bessel filters)
Inputs: 10 mV or 40 mV
SEC-03: 10mV
input resistance >100 kOhms
hold: XXX mV, ten-turn digital control
with +/0/- switch, max. 1000 mV
rise time limit: 0-2 ms (SEC-05 / SEC-10 only)
gain: 100 nA/V - 10 μA/V ten-turn linear control
noise (filters set to 10 kHz, SEC-05 / SEC-10)
Potential output: <400 μV pp
current output: <400 pA pp

1 % settling time: <80 μs for 10 mV step
<800 μs for 50 mV step applied to cell model
(Re= 100 MOhms, Rm= 50 MOhms, Cm= 470 pF
duty cycle = 1/4, switching frequency = 30 kHz
standard headstage)
<400 μs with 1/2 duty cycle.

SEC-05 / SEC-10 systems:
19" (483 mm) wide
14" (355 mm) deep
5.25" (132.5 mm) high,
SEC-03 (two slots):
24 HP (121 mm) x 3U (128 mm) x 7 inch (175 mm)