TEC-05X - Two-Electrode Voltage Clamp Amplifier for recordings from medium and large sized cells


  • Ideal amplifier for medium size cells such as invertebrate ganglion cells, muscle cells or neuromuscular junction preparations
  • Can be used with sharp microelectrodes, and patch pipettes in the whole-cell and perforated-patch configuration
  • Single electrode recording in BRIDGE mode: True current clamp operation with measured membrane potential and complete cancellation of series resistance (potential electrode)
  • Two-pole (optionally four-pole) BESSEL filter for current
  • Digital DISPLAYS for current, voltage and electrode resistance
  • BUZZ and ELECTRODE CLEAR facility with remote hand or foot switch
  • OSCILLATION SHUT-OFF unit prevents cells from damage
  • From pA to µA - low voltage (±15 V) and high voltage (up to ±150 V) versions available
  • Easy connection to all major data acquisition systems, TTL control of MODE of OPERATION, telegraphing outputs for current sensitivity and filter
  • Now optionally with

    • Dynamic Hybrid Clamp (DHC) Mode - measuring of conductances after APs
    • Voltage Clamp controlled Current Clamp (VCcCC) Mode - Current Clamp experiments at controlled resting potentials

TEC - Features

Feature TEC-03X TEC-05X TEC-10CX
VC-Error display - X X
PI-Controller X X X
Series Resistance Compensation X X X
Electrode Resistance Test X X X
Mode of Operation Switch Rotary switch Rotary switch Push buttons
Bridge Mode - X -
DHC mode - opt. -
Lowpass filter: 20 ... 20 kHz Two-Pole BESSEL (opt. Four-Pole) Two-Pole BESSEL (opt. Four-Pole) Four-Pole BESSEL
Direct Current output from Headstage X X X
Oscillation Shut-off X X X
Transient Compensation - - X
Capacity Compensation X X X
Cap. Comp. of Current Headstage - X -
Slow Mode: VCcCC (Sutor et al., 2003) - opt. -
Please note: These are the available standard configurations. If you have special requirements, please contact us directly.


Part no. Description
TEC-05X TEC-05X Two Electrode V/C Clamp System w. BRIDGE for high resistance electrodes, low voltage headstages
TEC-05X-BF TEC-05X-BF Oocyte Amplifier with fourpole BESSEL filter
TEC-05X-BF-CW TEC-05X-BF Oocyte Amplifier with fourpole BESSEL filter and built-in interface for CellWorks software
TEC-05X-CW TEC-05X with built-in interface for CellWorks software
TEC-EH PPH-0P-BNC Microelectrode Holder 1.5 mm glass, w/o. port, w. BNC connector
TEC-EH-SET Electrode Holder Set for TEC Amplifiers
TEC-MOD Passive Cell Model for TEC Systems
TEC-MODA Cell Model with Active Membrane Resistance for TEC systems
TEC-CON SubClic Cable for TEC Headstage
TEC-CHS-4 Current Headstage with four Ranges x0.1,x1,x2,x5
TEC-DHC Modification of TEC System for "dynamic hybrid clamp" (DHC) Recordings
TEC-PRS Remote switch for PENETRATION unit
TEC-RS-R Additional system for measuring series resistance in Oocytes
TEC-SLOW Modification of TEC System for "VCcCC" (Voltage Clamp controlled Current Clamp)

Technical Data

RPel: Potential Electrode Resistance Test;
CC: Current Clamp Mode;
VC: Voltage Clamp Mode;
RCel: Current Electrode Resistance Test;
BR: Bridge Mode (TEC-05X);
DHC Mode (TEC-05X, option);
Potential headstage:
Operating voltage ±15 V;
Size (approx.): 70x26x26mm, holding bar diameter 8 mm, length 150 mm;
Input resistance: >1013 Ω;
Differential input (for supression of bath potentials): cmr >80 dB.

Current headstage (15 V, TEC-05X)):
Operating voltage: ±15 V;
Size (approx.): same as potential headstage,
Input resistance: >1012 Ω (internally trimmable).

Current headstage (150 V):
Operating voltage: ±150 V (standard);
Size (approx.): 100x50x30 mm, grounded enclosure,
holding bar diameter 8 mm, length 10 cm (isolated from ground, standard system only);
Input resistance: >1012 Ω (internally trimmable);
Power dissipation: 6 W (standard)

Oscillation Shut-off
Electrode Resistance Test
Proportional Integrator
Series Resistance Compensation
Transient Compensation (TEC-10CX)

Uncompensated output signal: sensitivity 0.1 V/µA or 0.1 nA/V (TEC-05X), voltage range ±15 V;
 Compensated/filtered output: sensitivity: 0.1 V...10 V/µA (V/nA for TEC-05X)
Potential electrode: two outputs, sensitivity x10 mV only (TEC-03X) or x10 mV and x40 mV (TEC-05X, TEC-10CX), voltage range ±15V;
Current electrode: sensitivity x10 mV, voltage range ±15 V;

CURRENT CLAMP (standard headstage):
Inputs: 1 µA/V, 0.1 µA/V with ON/OFF switches (TEC-10CX), 1 µA/V (TEC-03X), 1 nA/V, 0.1 nA/V with ON/OFF switches (TEC-05X);
input resistance >100 kΩ;
Inputs: :10 mV and :40 mV (TEC-05X, TEC-10CX) with ON/OFF switches, input resistance >100 kΩ;  


MODE selection: rotary switches (TEC-03X, TEC-05X), or pushbuttons (TEC-10CX) , LED indicators;
 remote selection by TTL inputs, software assessable (optional).
Current Electrode Parameter Controls:
Offset compensation: ten-turn control, ±1200 mV;
Capacity compensation (optional, TEC-05X): range 0 - 30 pF, ten-turn potentiometer.
Potential Electrode Parameter Controls:
Offset compensation: ±200mV, ten-turn control;
Capacity compensation: range 0 - 30 pF, ten-turn control.
Oscillation Shut off: disabled / off / reset switch, threshold set with linear control (0- 1200 mV).
Current Clamp: HOLD: X.XX µA (TEC-03X, TEC-10CX), X.XX nA, ten-turn digital control with -/0/+ switch, maximum 10 µA (TEC-03X, TEC-10CX) or 10 nA (TEC-05X);
BRIDGE balance (optional, TEC-05X systems): max. 10 MΩ or max. 100 MΩ (switch selected) with ten-turn digital control.
INTEGRATOR TIME CONSTANT: 200 µs - 2 ms, ten-turn control (TEC-03X) or control with ON/OFF switch (TEC-05X, TEC-10CX) ;
 Voltage Clamp: HOLD: XXX mV, ten-turn digital control with +/0/- switch, maximum 1000 mV;
 RISE TIME LIMIT: 0 - 0.2 ms;
GAIN: 10 µA/V - 10000 µA/V, ten-turn linear control;
INTEGRATOR TIME CONSTANT: 200 µs - 2 ms, ten-turn control (TEC-03X) or control with ON/OFF switch (TEC-05X, TEC-10CX) ;
 OUTPUT CURRENT LIMIT5 (TEC-10CX): 0 - 100%, linear control;

Current output: lowpass  filters with 16 corner frequencies (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Pitch correlated with potential signal.

potential display: XXX mV.
Electrode resistance display XXX MΩ.
current display: X.XX µA
VC error (TEC-10X)

115 V/230 V AC, 60 W (1.25 A/0.63 A fuse, SLOW).


19" rackmount cabinet, 19" (483 mm) wide, 14" (355 mm) deep, 5.25"(132.5 mm) high
weight: approx. 8 kg.