Model 7000smz-2, a high precision vibrating microtome, is the only slicer in the world offering submicron Z-axis deflection at all amplitudes and speeds.

  • Verifiable with a convenient calibration device (included)
  • Delivers tissue samples ideal for visual patch clamping and imaging

Model 5100mz-2, gives single micron Z-Axis deflection at all amplitudes and speeds with both Manual and Slice Window modes at an affordable price.

Please visit the Campden Instruments Homepage for full information or download the Brochure.


  • Includes a Z-axis deflection calibration device
  • Z-axis blade adjustment minimizer
  • Custom blade holder with angle setting
  • Set Slice Window START and STOP position for blade travel
  • Vibration speeds from 50 to 120 Hz
  • Amplitudes from 0.5mm to 2.5 (7000smz-2) and 2.0mm (5100mz-2)
  • Controlled blade advance at 10 microns per second
  • Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning
  • Optional LED light source
  • Optional magnifier for clear observation
  • Optional stereoscope, choice of x5-x10 fixed or x20-40 zoom
  • Electronic-controlled Thermo-electric Tissue Bath Cooler (Model 7610)
  • Z-axis calibration device (optical, only 7000smz und 5100mz-Plus)


  • Choice of manual or automatic operation
  • Automatic programming by storage of the first slicing speed and distance profile


  • Magnifier (Model 7000-1-3) x2
  • Stereoscope with fixed x5 and x10 (Model 7000-1-2)
  • Stereoscope with x20-40 zoom (Model 7000-1-1)
  • LED light with flexible arms (Model 7000-2-1)

Genuine Campden blades - Laser measurement of blade edges guarantees superior quality.

  • Ceramic blades, pack of 5 (Model 7550-1-C)
  • Stainless steel blades, pack of 50 (Model 7550-1-SS)
  • Stainless steel blades for old instruments (old blade holder, pre March 2003), pack of 50 (Model 752-1-SS)