Build your own recording setup

We help you biuld complete rigs!

We design, install and support complete electrophysiology setups. In addition to the amplifiers, stimulators, applicators that we build, we provide

  • Vibration isolation tables (TMC)
  • Faraday cages (TMC)
  • Stages for microscopes (Burleigh, Scientifica)
  • Micromanipulators (Burleigh, Scientifica, Sensapex, Märzhäuser and others)
  • Pullers (Narishige, Sutter)
  • Microforges, Bevellers (Narishige, ALA and others)
  • Perfusion Systems (ALA)
  • Drug application systems (ALA, npi)
  • Temperature controllers (npi)
  • Recording Chambers (ALA, Scientifica, Campden and others)
  • Tissue Slicers (Campden Instr.)
  • Microscopes
  • Light sources
  • Cameras
  • Recording soft- and hardware (Axon [MolecularDevices], CED, HEKA, DataWave, National Instruments)
  • Recording Electrodes (NeuroNexus, Microprobes and others)
  • Cables, connectors, accessories

Please contact us for any item that is not on the list.