Neurotar Mobile HomeCage™

Neurotar Mobile HomeCage™
Flat Air-Lifted Platform

The Mobile HomeCage™ (MHC) is a flat air-lifted platform that easily fits under your microscope. It provides a real, tangible and familiar environment that the animal can explore and navigate during your in vivo recordings or imaging experiments.

Anaesthetics affect brain function and diminish the relevance of imaging and electrophysiology performed in vivo. They also severely limit the number and frequency of recording sessions.
With the Mobile HomeCage™ you can:

  • Firmly immobilize the head of a freely moving awake animal
  • Offer a real, tangible environment with walls and a flat floor to highly tactile animals
  • Discontinue all use of anaesthetics both during training and experimental paradigms
  • Begin experiments after only 4 days of training
  • Combine behavioral tests with two-photon microscopy, patch-clamp, optogenetics or intrinsic optical imaging
  • Monitor your test animals as they socialize, sleep or respond to sensory stimuli
  • Massively increase workflow with up to 4 sessions per day
  • Leave product development to our engineers; the Mobile HomeCage™ is compatible with microscopes from all major providers and is customisable
  • Begin news lines of research

NEW!!: MHC V5 now with tracking capability (optional) for combining electrophysiology and imaging with behavioral readouts


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View the open-access peer-reviewed 2014 JoVE publication on Mobile HomeCage™.