Screening Tool

Screening Tool
Schematic drawing of ScreeningTool chamber


  • Sophisticated chamber design
  • No dead volume
  • TECAN dispenser technology
  • Reliable Turbo TEC technology
  • TECAN Miniprep60 and oocyte chamber mechanically uncoupled
  • User programmable scripting language for maximal flexibility
  • Integration of data acquisition and solution exchange
  • Stereoscopic microscope with pivot mounted arm
  • Precise syringes and pumps for drug application, continuous flow and drain
  • Vertical perfusion through symmetrical channels


  • Low-budget drug screening, no consequential costs, ideal for academia
  • Robotic fluid delivery of more than 150 compounds per oocyte
  • 50 ms to 100 ms solution exchange
  • Cross-contamination prevented
  • Continuous flow or stepwise application of the desired compounds
  • Only 100 µl to 150 µl compound per test necessary
  • Automated, highly reproducible drug application and recording
  • Suitable for screening of voltage and ligand gated ion channels
  • Accurate voltage clamping
  • Easy-to-use, turnkey solution for drug screening

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ScreeningTool Chamber


  • TECAN Miniprep60 liquid handling system
  • Sophisticated oocyte chamber
  • Two independent tables for Miniprep60 and oocyte chamber
  • Carrier for 16 Eppendorf tubes (1.5 ml)
  • Carrier for 8 Corning tubes (50 ml) (other carriers on request)
  • Flask for solution waste
  • npi electronic Turbo TEC-03X two electrode voltage clamp amplifier
  • Maerzhaeuser MM33 micromanipulators
  • Nikon SM5 stereoscopic microscope with Schott KL200 cold light source and light guide
  • npi electronic Cellworks software and National Instruments card
    Molecular Devices pClamp software with DigiData
  • Data acquisition computer
  • Tubing, pellets, electrode glass and connectors