Slicemaster System with 8 assays

Multi Slice Recording System

Semi-automated system which allows one trained operator to run up to eight assays at one time. The SliceMaster system permits concurrent and independent recordings from up to eight brain slices, thus improving throughput, statistical design, and reducing animal use.


  • Temperature controlled Brain Slice Chamber (Scientifica)
  • Micromanipulators for recording and stimulation electrodes (Scientifica)
  • Micromanipulators for cameras (Scientifica)
  • Perfusion (Scientifica)
  • Extracellular amplifier (npi)
  • Isolated high voltage stimulator (npi)
  • Audio monitors (npi)

One remote opterator console is capable of controlling each of the recording units (Camera, Manipulators, recording and stimulation).

Please visit Scientifica's Slicemaster page for full information.