The INT-20X unit is a breakout box that allows the user access to the PCI E or M Series multifunction I/O boards from National Instruments with a 68 pole SCSI connector. An USB version with built-in interface (USB-6221) is also available.

An USB version for the Measurement&Computing USB 1608GX-2AO interface is also available!

A standard system includes the INT-20X breakout box module, NI-M series board and software to record and generate analog signals and to store the data on hard disk. 2 analog output channels to generate analog signals and a digital port with 8 digital lines to write digital signals are available as well. Usually this breakout box is used with the software package CellWorks or with the free Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software WinWCP and WinEDR. CellWorks is a modular program especially developed for electrophysiological and pharmacological experiments. It is used to automate experimental protocols under computer control.
All analog in- and outputs and the 8 digital lines are BNC connectors. The INT-20X can be triggered manually using a push button or from an external devices via TTL pulses connected to the trigger in BNC connector.
A TTL signal indicating the "Wait for Trigger" status of Cellworks (WAIT) and a TTL signal for synchronizing external devices with the sample rate of data acquisition (SYNC) are available.
The digital POWER OUTPUT port with 8 lines can be used, e.g. to control magnetic valves of perfusion systems directly.

A breakout box is also available as module for the EPMS-07 system.

Technical Data

Number of channels in NRSE Mode: 16
Input resistance: 1MOhm
Max. Input range: bipolar ±10V, unipolar 0..10V
Input coupling: DC

Number of channels: 2
Voltage range: ±10V
Output coupling: DC

Transfer characteristics depend on the type of board that is used.
Please read the appropriate user manual from National Instruments.

Number of channels: 8
Compatibility: TTL/CMOS

External Power Input (for valve control): 6 V ... 24 V (depending on valves)

Maximum voltage: 11.5V (with 12V input voltage)
Maximum current (per channel, only one channel active): 500mA

19" rackmount cabinet, 19" (483 mm), 10" (250 mm), 3.5" (88 mm)


Part no. Description
INT-20X Breakout box for data acquisition boards of the E-series, B-series or M-series from National instruments. Valve manifolds for solution exchange (e.g. CW-VM-8PG) can be connected directly to the INT-20X.
INT-20X-USB USB 2.0 version of the INT-20X with built-in interface (USB-6221)
INT-20X-USB-1608 USB 2.0 version of the INT-20X with built-in interface (M&Q USB1608GX-2AO)
CW-SH6868 68-pole SCSI cable to connecte the INT-20X breakout box to a data acquisition board from National instruments.