LIH 8+8

The LIH 8+8 is a high resolution, low-noise scientific data acquisition system. It utilizes the latest USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies. The LIH 8+8 system is comprised of a USB 2.0 computer interface and one or multiple analog rack units interconnected by CAT5 cables.

The LIH 8+8 provides eight analog differential inputs, four analog differential outputs via BNC connectors at the front panel. Sixteen digital inputs and sixteen digital outputs are provided on one connector at the rear panel. In parallel, 4 digital outputs and 4 digital inputs are provided via BNC connectors on the front panel. The LIH 8+8 has a sound generator built-in.

Please go to HEKA LIH 8+8 page for complete information on this data acquisition system.