SciWorks is DataWave's core software package for hosting DataWave data acquisition and data analysis tools used in scientific experimentation and research. This toolbox approach provides a common software interface which allows these tools (SciWorks Plugins) to work stand-alone or together to provide an integrated solution for your scientific research needs. Several Plugins are currently available and provide flexibility as your research needs change.

SciWorks' unique workspace and project oriented environment provides great flexibility and ease of use for working with large data files and unique data types encountered when working with data from data acquisition and data analysis. A wide variety of file filters are currently supported for working with files of different types. The graphical workspace and project approach overcomes limitations typically encountered with searching, accessing or managing large or numerous data files. Additionally the workspace approach allows data files and projects to be stored in different locations and shared with others, both locally and on a network.

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Datawave also offers hardware for a complete package!


DataWave Plugin Technology

- Provides flexibility for hosting a range of interactive data acquisition and data analysis tools
- Allows tools of different types to work together for a complete solution
- Allows data of different types to be processed together
- SciWorks becomes a customized application to provide solutions tailored to your research needs

Workspace and Project Environment

- Management of large data files and files of different types
- Automatic collection of output files from Plugins
- Send whole files or selected data within a file directly to a plugin with minimal steps
- Create projects to organize and bring together files and information from different locations
- Information and data files can reside in more than one project while maintaining one copy
- Workspaces and projects provide data sharing capabilities between multiple users
- Projects can be shared between multiple workspaces


- Support for various file formats for direct read and write as well as importing and exporting (including DDF, WorkBench, Discovery, UFF, ASCII, Axon Instruments (ABF), Neuralynx, CED, Plexon (PLX), European Data Format (EDF), Blackrock (NEV), Neuroshare and others)
- DataWave high performance file format for storing data of known and unknown types together
- Graphical display of data to instantly access specific locations within a file
- Files using DDF format allow data from different files to be combined into a single file
- Files using any of the DataWave formats allow data to be easily separated into separate files


- Works in Windows XP, 7 & 8
- True multithreaded and event driven internals
- Performs well in a networked environment
- Complete and thorough online help system, tutorials and samples make SciWorks easy to use