MVCS-01: 1-channel with balance
MVCS-02: 2-channel without capacitance compensation

MVCS-Series - Iontophoresis Amplifiers


  • One or two channel versions (upgrade possible)
  • Time resolution: down to 100 µs
  • Spatial resolution: down to 1 µm
  • Simulation of synaptic events, suitable for receptor density mapping
  • Automated balancing of iontophoretic current (option)
  • Currents from tens of pA up to µA
  • High voltage, high speed current source
  • Automated electrode resistance test

There is also a modular version of the MVCS available.

About MVCS

MVCS-02: 2-channel without capacitance compensation

In principle, MVCS systems are available as:

  • A very fast (less than 1 ms) version with capacity compensation and electrode resistance test
  • A slower version without capacity compensation and electrode resistance test

Fast systems (MVCS-C-02C) are delivered with headstages, ground connector, a power cord and a user manual.

Slower systems (MVCS-02C) are delivered with connectors for electrode connection and ground, a power cord and a user manual (without headstages).

Standard voltage ranges are ±45 V or ±150 V. Other ranges are available on request.

NOTE: All MVCS systems are also available as one-channel versions and one-channel versions can be ugraded to two channels. Furthermore, all version can also be ordered without a balance channel.
Please contact npi electronic or your distributor for details.

Use window to the right to look for popular options and additional accessories (at additional costs). Customized configurations are possible, please contact npi electronic.

The MVCS is also available as module for the EPMS-07 system.

MVCS - Models

In this graphic, all possible combinations of MVCS are depicted.


Part No. Description
MVCS-01-45 MVCS-01-45V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-01C-45 MVCS-01C-45V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-01U-45 2nd Channel Upgrade f. MVCS-01-45 System (19")
MVCC-U-45 Balance Upgrade f. MVCS-45 System (19")
MVCS-02-45 MVCS-02-45V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-02C-45 MVCS-02C-45V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-01-150 MVCS-01-150V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-01C-150 MVCS-01-C-150V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-01U-150 2nd Channel Upgrade f. MVCS-01-150 System (19")
MVCC-U-150 Balance Upgrade f. MVCS-150 System (19")
MVCS-02-150 MVCS-02-150V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-02C-150 MVCS-02-C-150V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-C-01-45 MVCS-C-01-45V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-C-01C-45 MVCS-C-01C-45V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-C-01U-45 2nd Channel Upgrade f. MVCS-C-01C-45
MVCC-C-U-45 Balance Upgrade f. MVCS-C-45 System (19")
MVCS-C-02-45 MVCS-C-02-45V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-C-02C-45 MVCS-C-02C-45V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-C-01-150 MVCS-C-01-150V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-C-01C-150 MVCS-C-01-C-150V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-C-01U-150 2nd Channel Upgrade f. MVCS-C-01C-150 System (19")
MVCC-C-U-150 Balance Upgrade f. MVCS-C-150 System (19")
MVCS-C-02-150 MVCS-C-02-150V 19" Iontophoresis System
MVCS-C-02C-150 MVCS-C-02-C-150V 19" Iontophoresis System (with balance)
MVCS-01M-45 MVCS-01M-45V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-01M-150 MVCS-01M-150V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-02M-45 MVCS-02M-45V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-02M-150 MVCS-02M-150V Module for EPMS-H
MVCC-M-45 Balance Module f. MVCS-45 System (EPMS-H)
MVCC-M-150 Balance Module f. MVCS-150 System (EPMS-H)
MVCS-C-01M-45 MVCS-C-01M-45V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-C-01M-150 MVCS-C-01M-150 V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-C-02M-45 MVCS-C-02M-45V Module for EPMS-H
MVCS-C-02M-150 MVCS-C-02M-150V Module for EPMS-H
MVCC-C-M-45 Balance Module f. MVCS-C-45 System (EPMS-H)
MVCC-C-M-150 Balance Module f. MVCS-C-150 System (EPMS-H)
MVCS-HS-150 Headstage for MVCS-150 Systems
MVCS-HS-45 Headstage for MVCS-45 Systems
MVCS-EH Standard Micro Electrode Holder

Technical Data

MODE of operation:
set with two toggle switches, EJECT / RETAIN / AUTO switch enables manual or TTL
controlled operation
SET / OPERATE switch connects automatically electrode outputs to an internally grounded load, to make possible well defined presetting (SET position)
COMPENSATE / OFF / EXTERN switch (balance unit), selects compensation signal or connects
balance module to external signal source (additional channel).

Size (approx.): Standard 70x30x25 mm, holding bar diameter 8 mm, length 150 mm (±15 V, ±45 V), optional: 100x50x20 mm (± 150V) or 225x40x60mm (± 225V).
Electrode connector: BNC connector, (headstage with driven shield also available).
Ground connector: 2.4 mm connector.
Electrode output: floating current source, output impedance >1012 Ω


1 mV / MΩ at the voltage monitor Vel / 10, obtained by application of square current pulses,
±10 nA from built-in pulse generator.

ten-turn control, switch selected range max. 1 µA / 100 nA.

ten-turn control, max. 100 nA.

range 0 ­ 30 pF, ten-turn control.


150 nA (±15 V), 450 nA (±45 V standard voltage), 1.5 µA (±150 V) into 100 MΩ load. Other ranges available on request.
selected by INVERTED / NORMAL toggle switch.
inverted sum of all currents, sensitivity 1 µA / V, for connecting external balance module.

LO = RETAIN, HI = EJECT, isolated, Rin > 5 kΩ
sensitivity 100 nA / V, Rin > 100 kΩ, range ±10 V.

sensitivity 100 nA / V, Rout = 250 Ω, not isolated.


Vel / 10, Rout = 250 Ω, not isolated.


current XXXX nA, balance current XX.XX µA, voltage XXX.X V, REL XXXX MΩ,
separate displays for each channel, displayed value is set by a three position toggle switch.
activated 10 % below maximum current.

115 / 230 V AC, 45 - 60 W.

19" cabinet, 19“ (483 mm), x 10" (250 mm) x 3.5" (88 mm).


MVCS Manual

MVCS Brochure

MVCS Reference List