Instruments for Teaching

Two Electrode Clamp Amplifier
Bridge Amplifier

Besides offering highly sophisticated instrumentation for advanced science applications, npi electronic offers also a variety of instruments for teaching labs. These instruments offer the most commonly used features in science and teaching, without the special applications needed for advanced research.
npi's teaching instruments are already used in various teaching laboratories, e.g. in the famous X-LAB in Göttingen.

Our teaching instuments range from extracellular amplifiers, to intracellular amplifiers as well as instruments for data acquisition and signal processing.

Feel free to check out our offerings in teaching instruments:
EPMS-07 modular system
Intracellular recording:

Data Acquisition:

  • INT-20M (Breakout Box)
  • CellWorks (Data Acquisition Software, simple but powerful)

Signal Processing:


In addition to our teaching instruments, npi electronic also offers the software package Virtual Physiology II. This is a unique truly simulation software, that allows students to simulate physiology and pharmacology experiments in virtual laboratories almost like in the real world. For full information about this software, please visit the Virtual Physiology II homepage.