CoolLED pE-Series

CoolLED pE-4000
CoolLED wavelength range

The new pE-Series by the world leaders in illumination, CoolLED, offers a broad spectrum of illumination solutions for all kinds of fluorescence applications.

Screening Fluorescence

  • Instant on/off
  • 0-100% intensity control
  • Select from full range of LED wavelengths

Regular Fluorescence

  • Direct or light guide fit
  • Broad spectrum
  • Replaces mercury lamp

Research Fluorescence

  • 16 selectable LED wavelength
  • No modularity
  • Compatible with all filters sets
  • Broadest sprectrum
  • Brightest LEDs

Transmitted Apllications

  • 100W halogen replacement


For more detailed information, please visit the CoolLED homepage.