LASU - Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging

LASU components attached to the SliceScope microscope

Two techniques, one system
The LASU system is perfect for users engaging in optogenetics, uncaging or other photostimulation experiments. The laser spot positioning is accurate and repeatable enabling fast experimental manipulation of biological systems.

Uncaging & photostimulation in one
The LASU system offers the choice of laser wavelengths suitable for “channel rhodopsin” and “Halo rhodopsin” as well as for “Uncaging”. The LASU system can include just a single wavelength or incorporate numerous laser modules meaning that this system is perfect for both research techniques.

Based on the highly successful design of the Scientifica award winning Multiphoton Imaging System, LASU uses ‘Galvo’ mirrors for fast, accurate and repeatable laser spot positioning. The LASU system fits directly onto the Scientifica upright microscope “SliceScope” making it an easy upgrade for existing rigs as well as a perfect choice for any lab wanting to carry out in vitro optogenetics or uncaging.

The compact nature of the LASU scan head and the Laser modules, with the benefits of free space or fibre launched laser input, means that this system can be mounted on most standard anti vibration tables. This will help to save on lab space and help save money.

LASU is controlled entirely through its own software which includes a wide range of easy to use functions allowing for instant “out of the box” use. LASU software displays a live feed from the camera and comes pre-installed on the PC supplied with the system. The complete control through the software means spot positioning, laser power and pulse frequency can all be manipulated through the  clear graphical interface.


For full information, please visit the Scientifica LASU Website or download the LASU Brochure.