Scientifica SliceScope
Various control options are available

The Scientifica SliceScope provides an ultra stable, compact platform with outstanding optics. The SliceScope’s smart design is ready to accept a wide range of accessories and light sources to best suit your application.
Based around the industry standard Olympus optics, the SliceScope has been designed to suit many applications.
Techniques include:

  • Patch Clamping
  • Sharp Electrode Recording
  • Microinjection
  • Stretch Testing

and other procedures requiring delicate control and outstanding image clarity.

The Scientifica SliceScope is entirely remote controlled to avoid any mechanical disturbances during recording. There are various control options available: a cube, a pad, a joystick and the LinLab software.

The SliceScope can be equipped with accessories for

  • IR-DIC
  • Dodt contrast
  • Fluorecscence imaging

Please contact us for more detailed informationor visit the Scientifica SliceScope Homepage.