Burleigh Gibraltar

EXFO Burleigh's Gibraltar platform and X-Y stage is the mounting solution for fixed stage upright microscopes. The X-Y stage allows movement of the objective without disturbing an established patch recording and the massive construction ensures maximum stability for patch clamp recordings, especially on multiple sites. The Gibraltar is available with a stainless steel platform top oder an aluminum paltform top.
Please go to EXFO Burleigh Gibraltar page for complete information on Gibraltar platform and X-Y stage for upright microscopes.

npi electronic is distributor for EXFO Burleigh lifescience products in Germany and Austria and other European countries. Use window to the right to look for options and accessories (at additional costs).

Download Gibraltar Brochure


Part no. Description
B-GIBRALTAR-XXX-SS-MTR Stainless steel platform and motorized X-Y stage.
B-GIBRALTAR-XXX.MTR Aluminium platform and motorized X-Y stage.
B-GIBRALTAR-XXX-SS Stainless steel platform and X-Y stage.
B-GIBRALTAR-XXX Aluminium platform and X-Y stage.
For XXX specify microscope type: LFS = Leica DM LFS, EFN = Nikon E600 FN, BX = Olympus BX50WI, FS = Zeiss Axioskop-FS, 2FS = Zeiss Axioskop-2FS.
B-GIBRALTAR-SP-1 Sample Plate. 110 mm O.D., 32 mm I.D.
B-GIBRALTAR-200E Motorized Gibraltar. Upgrade option.