PatchPro Manipulator System

Scientifica's PatchPro 3000 Manipulator System

The PatchPro system is a fully integrated patch clamping solution and is a revolutionary approach to patch clamp electrophysiology. It allows the user to control manipulators, microscope platforms, microscope focus and temperature control all from one neat, simple user console.

With the versatility to have up to 12 individual modules, the PatchPro will be perfect for your current and future experimental needs. At any time you can add additional manipulators or heater units. Exciting new modules are planned for the future and will be compatible with the existing PatchPro system. The simple, intuitive, multiplexing control options can be by single or multiple control cubes, joysticks, PatchPads or a combination. Fully upgradeable with future proof computer control at no extra cost. The PatchPro is available in a choice of configurations, alternatively custom systems can be assembled.

Benefits include:

  • High quality PatchStar micromanipulators
  • Upgradeable – can control up to 12 individual modules from one control box
  • Wide choice of user control devices – Control cube, Joystick or PatchPad
  • Versatile - Available in a choice of configurations to suit your requirements
  • Futureproof – Software upgrades available at no extra cost
  • Free 2 year warranty for added peace of mind

Please see Scientifica's PatchPro page for complete information on the PatchPro system.


Download PatchPro Brochure.