Slice Scope

Scientifica SliceScope
Scientifica 2P-SliceScope

The SliceScope defines a new bench mark in imaging and electrophysiology research. Developed in collaboration with the world leading researchers, the SliceScope provides a very stable, compact platform, outstanding optics (and efficient automated microscope) for both your simple and most demanding applications.
Using Olympus optics and Scientifica automations to provide an ideal setup for your experimental techniques including; Patch Clamping, Sharp Electrode Recording, Microinjection, Stretch Testing and other procedures requiring delicate and outstanding image clarity.


  • Motorized focus control - provides fine focus control
  • Motorized condenser control - for optimal Kohler illumination
  • Thin, Ultra stable profile - extra room for equipment around your experiment
  • Low noise electronics - suitable for demanding electrophysiology recordings
  • Choice of contrast - you can use your preferred contrast method such as Oblique, IR DIC and Dodt Contrast.
  • Choice of controls - Control Cube, Joystick, PatchPad Lite or software controlled
  • Compatibility - all fluorescence and light sources such as LED for visible and IR
  • Modular design - easily configured into a user built 2P or confocal design
  • Choice of accessories - customise your SliceScope to suit your experiments needs.
  • Optionally with Scanhead for Two-Photon-Imaging

See Scientifica's Slice Scope page and Two-Photon-Imaging page for complete information.