HSPC-1 Controller
HSPC-1 Headstage
HSPC-PV Pressure/Vacuum pump

The ALA HSPC-1 is an instrument that enables any investigator familiar with patch clamp technique to perform sophisticated pressure-clamp experiments on mechanosensitive preparations in the excised patch or whole-cell patch clamp configuration.

The HSPC-1 features a miniaturized piezoelectric valve that partitions incoming vacuum and pressure source to enable selection of any arbitrary pressure at extraordinarily high speed.

The miniaturized valve enables rapid and accurate pressure response and minimizes exposure of sensitive preparation to potentially damaging vibrations.

Please go to ALA HSPC-1 page for complete information on pressure clamp systems.


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Part no. Description
HSPC-1 Highs speed pressure clamp
HSPC-PV PV-pump for high speed pressure clamp HSPC-1


HSPC-1 Manual

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