Audis-01D/16 front
Audis-01D/16 back

Desktop Audio Monitor


  • Two operation modes
    • PITCH mode: the input signal is converted into a tone
    • NOISE mode: the input signal is highpass filtered to monitor the noise
  • THRESHOLD function sets the level for NOISE mode
  • THRESHOLD with 3 ranges (0.5V, 1V or 2V max.)
  • and fine tuning in % of max. value
  • Up to 16 input channels with BNC connectors
  • Built-in speaker with volume control
  • HEAD PHONES 3.5 mm stereo jack audio connector


Part No. Description
EXB-AUD-08B AUD-8B Desktop Audio Monitor System<br>(works only with <link 214>EXT-02&nbsp;B</link> system)
AUDIS-01D/16-16 16-Channel Desktop Audio Monitor
AUDIS-01D/16-1 Single Channel Desktop Audio Monitor <br>(same features as 16-channel version, but with only one channel)

Technical Data

Audio Mode:
PITCH / NOISE / THRESHOLD, selected by rotary switch with OFF position

RANGE and FINE control, range: 0.5 V, 1 V or 2 V max.

BNC connector, impedance 100 kW, high-pass filtered in NOISE mode

Voltage Range:    
±10 V

Volume Control:    
volume of the speaker, one-turn potentiometer

Head Phones:    
3.5 mm stereo jack audio connector, 1 kW, 1 V max.

front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 7” (175 mm) deep

Power Requirements:    
15 V…18 V AC, 1 A min (external AC Power Supply included)

(W x D x H) 225 mm x 210 mm x 85 mm