ELC-01MX - The “Swiss Army Knife” for Electrophysiology


  • Records extracellularly AC oder DC coupled
  • Allows precise, single cell stimulation with current or voltage
  • Suitable for juxtasomal filling of cells with dyes or DNA in loose-patch configuration
  • Records and stimulates intracellularly in CC or VC mode
  • BRIDGE balance for cancelling the electrode artifact
  • Available with differential headstage for recordings in vivo
  • Suitable for amperometric or voltammetric investigations with carbon fiber electrodes
  • Suitable for iontophoresis as well
  • 2 Pole High Pass Filter

Also available as stand-alone device in 19" rackmount cabinet.


Part no. Description
ELC-01MX Amplifier module for loose patch, extracellular and intracellular recordings in CC and VC mode and electroporation, width = 2
ELC-EH-SET Electrode Holder Set for ELC Amplifiers
ELC-EH Standard Micro-/Patch Electrode Holder
ELC-DIFF Surplus for Differential Headstage for ELC Amplifiers
ELC-MINI-DIFF-X ELC MiniHeadstage with differential input, X additional inputs (1 to 12), with standard
cable 2.5m, D=2.3mm, w/o housing
ELC-MOD Cell model (passive)

Technical Data

Input voltage range: ±10 V, other ranges possible
Operating voltage: ±15 V
Enclosure: Size: 23 x 70 x 26 mm, grounded
Headstage connector: 8-pole DIN connector
Electrode connector: BNC with driven shield
Ground connector: 2.6 mm banana jack
Reference electrode connector: SMB connector (optional)
Input resistance: >1013 Ω (internally adjustable)
Current range: ±120 nA into 100 MΩ, other ranges possible

Offset: range ±100 mV, ten-turn control
CC capacity compensation: range 0 – 30 pF, ten-turn control
VC capacity compensation: time constant and amplitude adjustable with
(tau-fast) trim-pots, min. response time: 30 µs
Bias control (CC only): range ±150 pA, current adjustable with trim potentiometer


0-100 MΩ (0-1000 MΩ possible): Adjustable with ten-turn control

Sensitivity 100 mV/MΩ: application of square current pulses ±1 nA
Display: 3 ½ digit, XXXX MΩ, activated by push-button
(same as POTENTIAL display)

Full power bandwidth (REL = 0): >30 kHz, rise time (10% - 90%)
<10 µs (REL = 100 MΩ)
<5 µs (REL = 5 MΩ)

Output impedance: 50 Ω
Max. voltage: ±12 V
Current output: BNC connector, sensitivity V/nA,
Current output sensitivity: Rotary switch, range: 0.1, 1, 10
Current display: 3 ½ digits, XX.XX nA, resolution 10 pA
Potential output x1: BNC connector, sensitivity 1 mV/mV
Potential output: BNC connector, range: 10, 100, 1000
Potential/Current low-pass filter: 3-pole BESSEL filter (other options available), attenuation: -18 dB/octave, corner frequency: 2 kHz
Potential high-pass filter: 1-pole BESSEL filter (other options available), attenuation: -6 dB/octave, corner frequencies (Hz): 1, 10, 50, 100, 500

Display mV/MΩ: 3 ½ digits, XXXX mV or XXXX MΩ
Display current: 3 ½ digits, XX.XX nA

Input impedance analog: 100 kΩ
Input range: ±12 V
Input impedance digital (TTL): 10 kΩ
Input TTL: range: 0-5 V, LO: <0.8 V, HI: >1 V, max. 12 V
Current stimulus input: via BNC connectors, sensitivity 10 nA/V
Step gate input: via BNC connector (TTL)
Gated stimulus: with ten-turn control of holding current,
resolution: 10 pA, range: ±100 nA
with ten-turn control of holding potential,
in VC mode: resolution: 1 mV, range: ±1 V
in VCx10 mode: resolution: 10 mV, range: ±10 V
Polarity: selectable with toggle switch
Voltage command input: via BNC connector, sensitivity /10 mV