EXT-16 Example Setup

Two EXT-08 amplifiers are combined with 16 DPA-2FL amplifiers in three EPMS housings to get one 16-channel extracellular recording system. The system is completed by one INT-04M breakout box module for interconnection between the EPMS housings and signal exchange.

The data is measured via the EXT-08 amplifiers,  linked internally to the DPA-2FL modules where the signals are amplified and filtered.


This is just one of the many configurations npi offers. If you are interested in an EXT-16 modular system, feel free to contact us for a customized setup.


EXT-T1M     R/I-T1M - Tetrode Recording

Extracellular recording with 4-channel tetrodes becomes more and more popular. The EXT-T1M amplifier/filter module is designed for recording from a tetrode. The signals recorded from every single unit of the tetrode attached to the headstage is linked to the BNC connectors at the front panel. Every OUTPUT is available at two BNC connectors. Measurements are done in single-ended configuration against GND. The EXT-T1M can to be used optionally with the R/I-T1M module.

The R/I-T1M module is designed for measuring the resistance of each tetrode unit separately. This module can also be used to apply currents to each unit separately or simultaneously for all four units of the tetrode. This function can be used for stimulation and/or for setting lesions.

The EXT-01TM comes with standard tetrode headstage.


PWR-03D external power supply

Power supply for EMPS-E-07 or EXT-16DX systems

The external power supply PWR-03D is capable of driving up to three EPMS-E housings or one
amplifier with one R/I-T1DX. Each housing is connected by a 6-pole cable from one
of three connectors on the front panel of the PWR-03D to the rear panel of the respective
EPMS-E or EXT-16DX / R/I-T1DX housing.

For more information, download the PWR-03D user manual.


Part no. Description
EXT-16 16-channel amplifier system, individually configured. Please contact us for further information.
INT-20M Breakout box module for National Instruments multi function I/O boards of the E-series or M-series, width = 1
EXT-T1M EXT-T1M Amplifier Module for One Tetrode
R/I-T1M Electrode Resistance Test / Current Injection Module for up to 4 Channels