HVA-100 - high voltage amplifier


  • Designed to drive piezo or bimorph actuators or other loads with a high capacity
  • Output range 0-100 V / max. 40 mA
  • Output connected through a high voltage 8-pole DIN connector and a shielded cable
  • Output voltage control either by INPUT BNC or by the ten-turn OFFSET control
  • Input gain stage either x10 (0-10 V input range) or x20 (0-5 V input range) allows adaptation to A/D or TTL systems

Two signals are added internally, i.e. a certain offset can be preset from the OFFSET control that defines a "zero" position for the actuator, while the voltage applied to the IN BNC yields a movement relative to this "zero" position. If the OFFSET is not needed it must be set to zero.

IMPORTANT: The EPMS-H-07 housing is required to operate this module!!!


Part No. Description
HVA-100 High-Voltage Amplifier Module for EPMS-System

Tech. data

Power requirements:
±15V / ±10V / +110 V provided from EPMS system

Input range:
±5 V or ±10 V maximum (@Gain 10 or 20)

Input impedance:
100 kΩ

Input gain:
x10 or x20, selected by toggle switch

OFFSET range:
0-100 V, ten-turn control

Output range:
0-100 V, max. 40 mA

front panel 12 HP (60.6 mm) x 3U (128,5 mm), 7” (175 mm) deep