TEC-B-01M - Two Electrode Voltage Clamp

  • Module for EPMS-07
  • Works only in combination with BA-01M module
  • Adds a current electrode to your BA-01M


Part No. Description
TEC-B-01M High voltage amplifier module to upgrade of BRAMP for real two electrode VC and CC

Technical Data

Modes of Operation:
CC: Current Clamp mode
VC: Voltage Clamp mode
OFF: Current- and Voltage Clamp disabled, BA-01M operational
EXT: External mode
MODE selection: by rotary switch

Potential headstage
BA-01M headstage is used for potential measurement

Current headstage:
Operating voltage: ±45 V
Input resistance: >1012 Ω
Electrode connector: BNC, shield is grounded
Ground: 2.3 mm connector or headstage enclosure
Size: 23 x 70 x 26 mm, enclosure grounded
Holding bar: diameter 8 mm, length 10 cm

Current range:
450 nA / 100 MΩ or 4.5 µA / 10 MΩ

Current electrode parameter controls:

Offset compensation: ten-turn control, ±500 mV
BIAS compensation: trim pot.; ±0.5 µA
CEL: x10 mV; max. ±1400 mV

Electrode Resistance Test:

100 mV / MΩ, obtained by application of square current pulses ±10 nA, display XX.X MΩ, selected by switch

Current Outputs:
Unfiltered output: sensitivity:    0.1 V / µA, output impedance 50 Ω
Filtered output: sensitivity: 1 V / µA, with low-pass Bessel filter, output impedance 50 Ω

Current Output Filters:
One-pole low-pass Bessel filter
3 corner frequencies: 300, 1k or 3k Hz.

Current Clamp (current stimulus input from BA-01M):
Inputs: 1 µA / V
Input resistance: >100 kΩ
HOLD: X.XX µA, ten-turn digital control with -/0/+ switch, maximum 10 µA.

Voltage Clamp:
Input sensitivity: ÷10 mV
Input resistance: >100 kΩ
HOLD: XXX mV, ten-turn digital control with +/0/- switch, maximum 1000 mV

External Input:
EXT. IN: sensitivity: 10 µA / V