Breakout Box Extension


  • access to Ai8 to Ai15 of PCI E-Series muliti I/O boards from National Instruments
  • Input via BNC connectors
  • output via 9-pole SUBD connector for connection to INT-20M
  • 9-pole SUBD connector to connect outputs to INT-20M


Part No. Description
CW-INT-20MX INT-20MX Extension module for INT-20M

Technical Data


ANALOG INPUT:Connectors: BNCNumber of channels in NRSE Mode: 8 (Ai8...Ai15)Input resistance: 1MΩMax. Input range: bipolar ±10V, unipolar 0..10VInput coupling: DCOUTPUT (SUBD):Number of channels: 8 (Ai8...Ai15)Voltage range: ±10VOutput coupling: DCDIMENSIONS:12 HP (606 mm) x 3 U (128.5 mm), 7" (175 mm) deep.