ALA MS-STAGE and Toolholders

ALA MS-STAGE and Toolholders

The ALA MS-Stage is a microscope metallic stage insert allowing magnetic tool holders to be attached.
The MS Stage is available for Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss microscopes as well as Narishige stages and the EXFO-Burleigh Gibraltar.
All ALA MS Chambers as well as 35mm petri dishes fit into the MS-Stage.

The MS Stage has 8 threaded mounting holes around the center opening allowing the user to attach their own tools. The MS-Stage
has a durable powder coated surface for easy cleaning and protection from spillage.

A variety of tools are available:

  • Perfusion I/O lines
  • Thermistor placement
  • Reference pellet placement
  • Wire harness holder

The tools are magnetic and can easily be placed anywhere on the MS-Stage. The tool holders where designed to give maximum
movement to the item being held. The holding block has circular movent allowing precise control and placement of the item being

Please go to the ALA MS-Tools pages for complete ordering information.

Download MS-STAGE & TOOLS brochure.