LL-2 LevelLock

LeveLock Fluid Level Controller
ALA VWK - Vacuum Waste Kit

The ALA Levelock fluid level controller, LL-2, is a unique instrument for fluid level control. It offers the ability to control the fluid level in a very small chamber (as low as 1 mL) with minimal surface disturbance and sub-millimeter accuracy down to 0.1 mm.

Flow rates up to 8 mL/min can be accommodated with the Lee LFAA solenoid valve.

The Levelock uses a contact optical sensor to sense the surface of the fluid in the chamber. A suction source attached to the back of the Levelock controller box pulls the solution to waste as the valve meters it out.

ALA offers also a waste collection kit, LL-VWK, featuring a vacuum pump. The kit includes a 2 L polyethelyne, Erlenmeyer flask, a suction pump, vacuum pressure gauge, needle valve and tubing to connect to the Levelock Vacuum In port.

Please go to ALA's LL-2 page for complete information on Level Lock systems.
Please go to ALA's VWK page for complete information on the vaccuum waste kit.


Part no. Description
LL-2 LevelLock fluid level controller
LL-VWK Vacuum waste kit