ALA µFLOW micro Volume Superfusion System

There is a growing need to preserve precious drugs during electrophysiology and imaging experiments. Many times only about 100µl of solution is available for testing.
In order to help researchers, ALA Scientific has adapted the unique MicroManifold® technology for perfusing very low volumes of solutions to cells and tissue.

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Tech. Data

uFlow-4, micro Volume Superfusion System with 4 channels
uFlow-8, micro Volume Superfusion System with 8 channels

- Extremely low dead volumes
- Uses ALA’s MicroManifold® technology
- Each MicroManifold® tube holds < 6.4ul
- MicroManifold® tip dead volume < 0.4ul
- Uses standard 1ml cyro vials for solution storage
- Includes VC3 controller
- Manual and computer control capability
- Designed to prevent backflow and cross contamination


Part no. Description
µFLOW-4 micro Volume Superfusion System with 4 application channels
µFLOW-8 micro Volume Superfusion System with 8 application channels
QMM-4UF Quartz micromanifold for µFLOW-4
QMM-8UF Quartz micromanifold for µFLOW-8