PTC-10: Single Channel Temperature Controller for Peltier Elements
PTC-20: Dual Channel Temperature Controller for Peltier Elements

Features PTC-10:

  • For heating and cooling
  • One control channel
  • Bipolar DC output ± 15 V, 5 A max.
  • Control using one of two possible thermometers

Features PTC-20:

  • For heating and cooling
  • Two independent control channels
  • Bipolar DC output ± 15 V, 3 A max. per channel

    About PTC

    The PTC-10 and PTC-20 temperature control systems are designed for heating and cooling purposes in electrophysiological experiments. The PTC-10 system provides one temperature controller channel plus one thermometer channel, whereas the PTC-20 has two fully independent temperature control channels. Both systems are housed in a 19 inch standard rackmount cabinet with built-in power supply and cooling elements for the power devices. The PTC-10/20 system guarantees low noise operation and has special protection features to prevent the preparation from damage.

    The PTC-10/20 systems incorporate two electronic thermometers for small semiconductor sensor (standard is R2252, i.e. the sensor has a resistance of 2252 Ω at 25 °C or optionally PT 100, i.e. 100 Ω at 0 °C), two digital temperature displays (XX.X °C), a set value control with direct readout (XX.X °C), a PI (proportional-integral) controller with adjustable parameters, an output power control unit and a high-power bipolar output stage (± 15 V DC, continuous operation) for Peltier elements (i.e. heat / cool operation) or resistive (i.e. heat only) loads with electronic protection circuits. For heat-only applications the bipolar output can be switched to unipolar operation (+15 V). The power output is short circuit protected, the output power is limited electronically. Maximum output voltage is approximately 15 V, the current is limited to 5 A.

    The PTC-10 controller is delivered with a power cord and a user manual.


    Part no. Description
    PTC-10 One channel temperature controller, for heating and cooling, use with peltier elements
    PTC-20 Two channel temperature controller, for heating and cooling, use with peltier elements
    TS-100 Temperature sensor for TC/PTC/MTC systems
    TS-200 Miniature temperature sensor for TC/PTC/MTC systems

    Technical Data

    Sensor input:
    for semiconductor 2252Ω at 25 °C (standard) or platinum 100Ω at 0 °C, accuracy typically 0.1 °C at 25 °C, with electronic protection

    Sensor input (EXT. Mode):
    1mV / °C

    disconnects POWER OUTPUT if temperature is below +2 °C (not connected or broken sensor) or above +60 °C (short circuited sensor) , other ranges possible

    Digital displays:
    3 1/2 digits, XX.X °C (temperature of SENSOR A or B) or XX.X V (voltage at power output)

    analog input, 10mV / °C, via BNC connector

    Set value control:
    digital control, range: 02.0 °C to 60.0 °C (other ranges possible), XX.X °C or 0-100% of output voltage (DIRECT modes)

    Temperature OUTPUT (A, B):
    analog outputs, 10mV / °C, via BNC connector, output impedance: 250Ω

    Power output:
    ±12 V / 3 A for each channel, short circuit protected, continuous DC (PTC-20)
    ±15 V / 3.5 A continuous, ±15 V / 5 A peak, short circuit protected, continuous DC (PTC-10)

    control for the output voltage with a linear range from 0 – 100 %

    PI (proportional-integral) controller, accuracy typically ±0.2 °C, gain range 10 - 10k, integration time 50 ms - 20 s (logarithmic scale)

    Measuring accuracy:
    0.1 °C at 25 °C

    Power requirements:
    115 / 230V AC, 60 / 50 Hz, fuse 4 / 2A slow

    19” rackmount cabinet 19” (483 mm), 10” (250 mm),
    3.5”  (88 mm)