• Low noise one channel heater
  • Small desktop cabinet
  • Heat only
  • No thermometer

About MPS-20

The MPS-20 heating device is designed for heating purposes in electrophysiological experiments. It can be used in addition to npi temperature controllers such as MTC-20/2S, TC-10 etc. The MPS-20 system is housed in small desktop cabinet that can be placed close to the microscope, with built-in power supply and cooling elements for the power devices. The system guarantees low noise.

Each system incorporates a low-noise DC power supply with two digital displays for VOLTAGE and CURRENT and a set-point control with direct readout (0-100%). The output is connected to a high-power regulated stage (DC, continuous operation) for resistive loads. The power output is short circuit protected, the output power is limited electronically. Maximal output voltage is approximately 12 V, the current is limited to 1.5 A (peak).

The MPS-20 controller is delivered with a power cord and a user manual.


Part no. Description
MPS-20 One channel heater in desktop housing

Technical Data

4 digits, XX.XX V (voltage at POWER OUTPUT) or 3 digits X.XX A (current at POWER OUTPUT)

continuous: 12 V / 1.0 A, peak: 12 V / 1.5 A, short circuit protected

115 / 230V AC, 60 / 50 Hz,

desktop cabinet, 246 mm, 260 mm, 90 mm.